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Creating a story behind every space.

Themed Airbnb's out perform boring listings in every-single market.  At How to Host, we design for comfort and durability, while focusing on creating a unique aesthetic that will attract booking guests. 

What's your niche? Who is your demographic? 

Now let's create a space that appeals to that market.

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The stats are in and guess what? Themed Airbnb's out-perform cookie-cutter spaces in every market, every time. If you want to stand out in the short-term rental world and turn a higher profit, the How to Host design program is for you. We create uniquely themed spaces that stand out to booking guests and in turn make you more money.

How it works.

We specialize in the design of lucrative Airbnb's that stand out in a competitive market.  Our design program was built to be completely hands free for our owners.  We create uniquely themed and desirable spaces that guests love!  Along with furnishing the space, we stock the home with every necessity an Airbnb needs.  We work with wholesalers to get our investors the best rates on quality product.  When the design is complete, the transition over to our Management team is seamless and hands free for our investors.

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We work on a flat rate system based on the square footage of your home.  Consultations start at $500 and are included as part of the design fee if you choose to move forward.

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