airbnb design

Creating a story behind every space.

Themed Airbnb's out perform boring listings in every single market.  At How to Host, we design for comfort and durability, while focusing on creating a unique aesthetic that will attract booking guests. 

What's your niche? Who is your demographic?  Now let's create a space that appeals to that market.

If you're looking to completely renovate your space, we work alongside talented designers to guide you through the remodelling process, step by step.

If you're looking to decorate and furnish your space, our in house stylists work quickly and on a budget to create uniquely themed Airbnb's.


Let's start with a consult and make a plan to move forward!

The Consult Package Includes:
Phone conversation
Staging Advice
Suggested Nightly Rates & Pricing 

furnish & style

We create Airbnb’s that generate greater profits for our owners and offer an experience to our guests.

The Decor & Styling Package includes:
Theme Planning
Furniture Sourcing
Final Staging
Professional Photography
Final Clean
Guest Ready Space
How to Host  Etsy Shop "Superhost Bundle" Printable Package


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We understand that you're coming into this business to make money, not spend it.  We furnish our properties durably, with quality products on an attractive budget.  We also pay close attention to features that will make your space more appealing to Airbnb booking guests.  Our styling fees are based on square footage, bedrooms and bathrooms.  Inquire today for your estimate.

Styling Fees



let's make something beautiful


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