How to Host is here to set a precedent in the short-term rental industry. Our business model is full-circle and leaves no base uncovered with your Airbnb. There are two sides; the turnkey and the “do-it yourself” model.
Hiring us to manage your property will give you peace of mind. We meticulously maintain listings and provide a concierge style service to guests. We believe in excellence in every detail.
If you purchase an investment property and don’t have the time to invest into setting up the listing, we do that too. How to Host will style your listing so that it's marketable and prominent.
On the flip side, we have developed the “Do it Yourself” model. Made for those homeowners that want to run their own rental and aren’t sure where to start.

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My guide, “How to Host", outlines the important details of how to start and run your Airbnb. I have outlined the best tips and tricks of running a successful Airbnb. You will save time and money while creating your profitable new business.
The How to Host Etsy shop provides customizable templates and printables for your Airbnb. Everything from your guidebook to cleaning lists – we have you covered!
For everything Airbnb, our team is -

Here to Host, Here to help.

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I stumbled upon the business of Airbnb when I made a shift in careers from insurance into brokering mortgages..

I was looking to bridge a gap in income due to changing jobs and it turned out to be the wisest business decision I had ever made.

I fell in love with the industry and I can't wait to show you how you too, can benefit from the life-changing income a vacation rental has to offer.

Here to Host, Here to Help.

Always Grateful,
Amanda Van Der Lee

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